Systematic Trading / Hedging


Nifty only is a SEBI Registered Investment Advisory firm. We advice our clients to achieve their financial goals. Investing in blue chip and multi bagger stocks is anybodies dream. Good investment beats inflation and creates value.

The team after analyzing clients need and their appetite to risk would suggest short term and long term investment strategy. One of the criteria to determine client risk profile would be, on the basis of analysis of “NIFTY ONLY" questionnaire with authentic information filled by the client.

On the basis of the client’s ideology, we would design a road map for successful investment strategy.

Investors are categorized in TWO types:

  1. Aggressive Investor
  2. Moderate Investor
  3. Conservative Investor

The team would do systematic analysis of all the existing market factors and recommend the best suitable model to the clients. The basket of investment shall be as per the client’s expectancy of returns.

Investment advisor shall provide advice to the clients after considering certain criteria.

Following are the important criteria’s for stock selection:

  • Promoters
  • Fundamentals of the company
  • Key ratios
  • Growth consistency
  • Present shareholding pattern
  • Future outperformance
  • Cycle of Investments

On the above broad based criteria’s, the team shall have one to one meeting with the client to finalize the portfolio.

All detailed analysis and recommendations would be discussed with clients in depth during such consultations.

Investment Strategy

Systematic Trading / Hedging

Fear and Greed are very powerful emotions that can overrule Reason and Logic in the mind of the trader.

Traders and investors have lots of question regarding parameters of trading , it is always better to go with systematic trading with proper guidance of Registered Investor Advisor.

“Any activity done "Systematically", "logically", "Methodically" with "Pre-determined" set of rules implemented with high level of "Discipline" done "Perpetually" and by fulfilling "Obligations in time" results in success.(Profit)"

We on this principle have designed different types of "Trading Models" suitable for all types of Investors.

Basic Concept of trading:

Since we are playing leverage game obviously risk reward ratio would be higher than normal investments in Debt or Equities.

Broadly, we have designed models keeping in mind TWO types of Traders, i.e.

  • Aggressive Traders
  • Moderate Traders
  • Conservative Traders

Each model will have certain peculiarities and characteristics which investors need to understand before starting to trade.

Client should have clear understanding of the model.

We have given illustrations for the same.

In case of any clarifications, please contact us.

Bank Nifty Model