Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) What is Nifty Only?

A.1) Nifty Only is a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor (INA000007526), who provides advice for all of your financial needs with the help of our team of professional experts with vast domain knowledge and experience.

Q.2) How will it help me?

A.2) Our mission is to offer investment & wealth management solutions customized to meet your personal financial aspirations. We intends to be one stop solution for all your financial goals.

Q.3) What products does it offer?

A.3) Currently depending on client’s risk appetite, we offer several investment as well as trading advices. Each investment and trading strategies has different peculiarities and characteristics which may cater to different clients with diverse risk profiles. We also advice our clients on IPOs which can be applied for or avoided, on the basis of detailed analysis of IPO valuations.

Q.4) What is your Profitability / Risk-Reward ratio?

A.4) Profitability / Risk-reward ratio may differ on the basis of individual strategies as selected by clients.

Q.5) What is your strike ratio?

A.5) Strike ratio may differ on the basis of individual strategies as selected by clients.

Q.6) What is the ticket size of Investments?

A.6) The investment ticket size may depend on the Strategy selected.

Q.7) What is the fees of your products?

A.7) Fees shall be as per strategy selected (Investment, trading or combination of both). Agreement would be signed clearly stating the fees payable.

Q.8) How will I need to pay fee / charges?

A.8) As per agreement.

Q.9) Is there any capital protection Guarantee?

A.9) No.

Q.10) Apart from the fees, are there any other charges?

A.10) Apart from the pre-defined fees (as per agreement) no other charges would be levied by Investment advisor. However any government taxes would be borne by the client.

Q.11) What is the ideal tenure for investments in different products?

A.11) As such we may recommend long term association with clients for the process of above normal wealth creation to materialize, however for better understanding of different strategies we recommend minimum 18-24 months association for trading strategies and 2 and more years horizon for Investment strategies.

Q.12) Is the fees once paid refundable ?

A.12) No

Q.13) What is the exit policy?

A.13) As per agreement

Q.14) What shall be the level of transparency for activity in my account?

A.14) The client shall have full transparency of all the trades executed on our advice. The broker shall send contract note on daily basis. Further we shall also keep records of all the trades advised and the net P&L of your account.

Q.15) What is the taxation part.

A.15) Taxation details would be provided to the client on one to one basis depending upon the strategy selected by clients.