Nifty Only Strategy 2

Nifty Only Strategy 2

Nifty Only is a SEBI registered (Investment Advisors no. INA000007526) investment advisors who provide thoroughly researched advice for any or all of your financial needs with the help of our team of professional experts with vast domain knowledge and experience.

We intends to be one stop solution for all your financial needs including wealth creation (through different Investment advisory schemes) and catering to other financial services and securities.

Due diligence of the client and their risk profile shall be done before suggesting any of the investment or trading strategies.

Execution of agreement between client and advisory is mandatory.

All the illustrated figure are indicative and does not guarantee any return.

Investment Objective:
  • To provide natural hedge to existing portfolios during all types of market movements especially on the fall and to generate above normal absolute returns irrespective of the market performance.
  • Thus the core objective of the strategy is to achieve huge Capital appreciation with calculated Risk.
Investment Strategy:
  • The strategy intends to capitalize on Medium to short term Trends of the Index.
  • It is designed in a way to attempt trades with reasonable stop losses. It takes into consideration more parameters (as compared to other strategies) to enter into the trade.
  • It generally never takes trades against the medium term market trend.
  • It takes protection on known events.
Investor Suitability:
  • This strategy is suitable for moderate investors and traders targeting above normal absolute returns.
  • (One of the criteria to determine risk profile would be on the basis of Ratings of Nifty Only questionnaire with authentic information filled by client).

Investment Approach:
  • Investment:Rs. 1Cr for Asset Under Management (AUM) of Rs. 5 Cr.
  • Time Horizon for Investment / Lock in Period: Minimum 18 Months/No lock in period
  • Exit Policy: As per Agreement    Scheme Fee Structure: As per Agreement
Indicative Performance Highlights
  • Since FY 14-15, 5 Positive years
  • Average Returns per unit of Risk for 5 years: 1 : 3.73

Indicative Cumulative Gross Out-performance Graph of strategy 2 on Capital of Rs. 1Cr for 5 Years

Worst Scenario Outlook

Indicative Performance For Period 2014-2019

Combination of Indicative Performance of Investment + Trading

  • All the above mentioned figures are indicative which does not guarantee returns in future.
  • All figures given are back-tested as per strategy designer and highlighted only to get an idea of the performance & risk and reward of the strategy.
  • Investors and Traders need to understand all the characteristics of the model before starting to trade.
  • Ideal Tenure for Trading the strategies would be minimum of 18 months.
  • Do not trace MTM movements on daily, weekly or Monthly basis.